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The culture of good coffee through the skills of a true master roaster. This is the mission of Vasco Caffè. Focusing on these essential aspects for us, we want to transfer to our customers the idea of ​​a connoisseur and non-standardized coffee through industrial processes. How to achieve this goal? Through the production and sale of blends and single origin made with quality coffee. All along the guiding line of an unequivocal philosophy: product and service quality.

We want to be artisans and offer, in times when everything is chased, a moment of pleasure, referring to a tradition of coffee, small roasting of the past. Working with us is like going back to those shops where we went to choose the preferred blend still in its grain form and the shopkeeper then proceeded to roasting and grinding.

In addition to this, mixing stands out with all their strength, on the one hand standardized, on the other defined in the wake of customer taste.


Vasco coffee is not a product for its own sake, but rides an idea of ​​enterprising and young entrepreneurs. In Vasco Caffè the quality of the product is mixed with innovative and at the same time traditional production processes. Respect for the teachings of the time, in short, combined with the desire to explore new horizons, always guaranteeing an optimal and unparalleled price / performance ratio.


Our know-how and cultural background, inherent for years in this product sector in both production and marketing, mean that we can today transfer the skills and management and sales capabilities of our brand and our products to a network of highly affiliated competent. Prepared with appropriate internships and operational training, they constitute real certainties for customers. in fact they do not limit themselves to offering what is required, in light of the specific needs of each point of sale, but they make available a "cognitive surplus". in other words, we want to promote the reality and the state of the art of a delicate fragrance called coffee.


Our service also addresses the world of HO.RE.CA (hotels, restaurants and bars) to which we offer more professional machines both with the pod system and the arm system for the use of coffee beans.

Depending on the type of activity we have the most suitable professional machine.

For HOTELS and RESTAURANTS both types of machines can be proposed depending on the size of the structure and the service that the latter wants to offer its customers.

The aim is to advise the most suitable solution so that our partner can offer his customers an impeccable espresso even when only a few coffees are served.

For the BARs we have professional machines in their use, with an attractive design and different sizes and number of arms for using ground coffee.

The offer is also accompanied by a range of personalized accessories such as cups, plastic cups, spoons, sugar, napkins and napkin holders bearing our VASCO CAFFE brand.